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Torgar responds

My Master Hravn:

Apparently there was a create bronze warder ritual, but the dwarves never knew it. They supplied Bronze warder statues to the Minotaurs who created the animate constructs. The dwarves then used these constructs to mine tirelessly and ceaselessly. They were actually controlled by possessing control amulets. Over time the Minotaurs had created several hundred bronze warders.The dwarves, in their greed, kept making more and more bronze warders. A high priest of Moradin, Hralnor Hravn, thought there was something suspicious about those bronze warders and through a high level divination ritual discovered that the Minotaurs had made a deal with a powerful devil who had the power to take control of all the warders whenever he desired! In response to this, he devised a control warder ritual which creates a glove that can control any one bronze warder, arresting the power of the control amulet. The gloves can either be in the form of a +2 rod or as a large leather glove. When in glove form the wearer gains control of any one warder that is being controlled by an amulet. When he was about a third of the way done in manufacturing and distributing these amulets, the devil caught on and launched his attack. The battle was devastating but the dwarves finally won out. They vowed never again to create any more warders.

Ever your most loyal servant, Torgar


Just a cautionary note; Torgar is relating info as he understands it. The actual game mechanics I use for Bronze Warders may be different. I am only pointing this meta-game fact out as Thunefir would realize, as would any scholar, that conclusions based on one individual’s research could be inaccurate. I don’t want you to assume since the DM said so, through th voice of an npc, it must be true.

Torgar responds

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