Sterling Adventure Company

Greetings from Hell session 40

Not long after they have crash landed on Avernus, on the shores of Despond, the party is welcomed by a band of devils on their regular sweep looking for fresh souls to torment or living ones if the rare opportunity presents itself. Six devils including a Captain of Pain surprised them as they were making ready top go investigte the remains of the nearby crashed Githyanki piratical vessel. The ensuing battle was not a very tough one, in the sense that the outcome was never much in doubt. The Devils attacked too soon, while the party was still on the ship and they were able to mount an effective defense from the upper deck.

After the battle they left Windy and his crew to effect repairs on their vessel Ransom’s Reward as they ventured over to survey the wreckage of the Gith ship. When they had landed Nemanock had sent his imp to scout out the vessel. The imp returned as the last Devil was slain and reported that there were no survivors and precious little left of the Githyanki ship “Dark Matter.” They made their way to the ship and searched through the wreckage finding an Instant Portal and Lodestone of the planes. They also recovered twelve Githyanki Silver Swords.

When they returned to their ship they decided to go investigate the keening wails that were coming from a ways inland instead of taking an extended rest as they suspect that the Devils would be expected back and to delay would cost them the element of surprise as the devils overlords would wonder at their absence.



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