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Dreamscape #1 session 43

Our Heroes underwent the Dream Ritual, performed by Thunefir, and went to bed. Well, almost all of them. Nemanock’s imp showed up just before they went to bed and told Nemanock that he had pulled a book out of the wreckage of the Githyanki piratical vessel on the dreamscape. So while the rest of the party went to sleep, Nemanock perused the book.

The three adventurers found themselves atop a massive pillar 15 feet wide by 200 feet long and standing on a sea of lava that could be seen thousands of feet below. Their were three more similar pillars about twenty feet apart and the last one opened onto a desolate plain. Between each of the pillars was a bridge, and these bridges shifted randomly every round. Somehow they knew that their only hope of deliverance ws to cross those bridges and get to the plains beyond.

To up the ante the pillar was also shared with a strange crytalline figure, and five slimy sludge blobs were located at either extremity of the pillar. Their initial intention of parley with the strange creature was set aside as it charged to attack. Also, the blobs began oozing forward. After a quick exchange of blows, and Bearn’s destruction of the nearest five blobs, they leapt onto the bridge and ran across to the next pillar. As soon as they each stepped on the next pillar a new creature was spawned. This time it was five more little blobs and two large blobs. They were thinking of just dashing to the other side, but one of the big blobs struck Aponym and immobilized him. They quickly decided not to advance on to any other pillars until they had vanquished the existing foes. Though Nemanock was missing, his spirit was there, as Thunefir consistenly rolled low, one time rolling three threes in a row. The battle went awry and in the end only Bearn was left as he dashed for the plains. On the next pillar a hydra looking blob appeared and would have been quite an overwhelming foe, but Bearn reached the opposite side and dashed to the plains, whereupon the party woke up. Aponym and Thunefir, having died in their dreams, were short the number of healing surges they had spent whilst on the dream scape and did not recover any of their daily powers that they had expended. Although none too serious, as they were safely aboard ship, this could be seen as a real problem for those who were continually adventuring. The fate of the three hundred Waterdhavian paladins could be imagined.

In conference with Nemanock they learned that they could affect their surroundings to some extent in the dreamscape, because it was all a dream. Bearn had sensed this, but had not affected any change during the brief encounter. Three things determined how successful they could be; one was how major a change they were attempting, two was how adept they were with arcana, and three was how quickly they were attempting to accomplish the task. (in game terms this means that the DC is set by how major the change is, Arcana is the skill bonus to the roll, and it requires a standard action, but the attempt can be made as a move or minor action with an increased DC).

When they travel to the dreamscape in search of the draco-lich’s phylactery they will be a part of another creature’s dream. This will effect the DC and any modification to the dreamscape will probably be felt by the progenitor. Not a problem in combat with said being, but an issue if trying to approach with stealth.

When next on the dreamscape, their dream characters will be at full strength minus whatever the regular PCs have used that day. So if they are again attacked in their sleep the following night, they will be short whatever they have used (Healing Surges and dailies). They can take an extended rest during the day to recover their powers, but if they drift off to sleep alone they probably will be attacked alone, and if they die again in their sleep they will not have recovered any further either.



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