Group Stuff

As of Oct. 3 , 09
GP: 647
SP: 217
Tome of Dream Binding
Chest w/lock & key
Chest w/lock & key
Iron Chest w/lock & key
Coffer W/key
Lockbox w/key
History books x6
Sheild of protection
Magic Orb+2
Black/red Magic Orb+2
4 Everburning Torches
Drugar Condo w/key

Bronze Warder w/ controling Amulet
  On loan to Deepgem Dwarves
Sheild of <unknown>  to Darius?
  Daily power- push opponant 1d4 spaces
Bracers of the perfect shot  to Nemanock
Dwarvin chain +1 To Deepgem Cleric?
Hammer +1 (from Thuenfir)      To Deepgem Cleric

History of payouts
(35gp 54sp to each PC)   11/30/2008
(87gp 11Sp to each PC)   1/11/2009
(114gp, 11SP to each PC)  1/25/2009
(196gp to each PC)   3/24/2009  
Each Char now has 1 everburning torch

1000 GP, 5X100gpv gems and 450GPV gem have been sent to Lord Sterling
261 GP given to DeepGem dwarves


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