Sterling Adventure Company


Lord Sterling (Linaeus Leathwait) has a plan to secure his future as The Lord Sterling of Arabel. Recently, rumors of an access to the ancient dwarven city of Thunderholme have been circulating wildly. Adventuring parties claim to have penetrated its outerworks and brought back fabulous treasures. If he could send a loyal party back to Thunderholme and reclaim it and its purported Mithril sources he would indeed be The Lord Sterling.

To accomplish this end he has sent Aponym and Thunefir Hravn to Highmoon to research some leads and to escort Nemanock back to Arabel. Nemanock and Bearn Hur, recently acquainted, sat together at the Tradewinds, a local inn in Highmoon where Nemanock was to meet them. The two had found common suffering in being estranged from their families and having no immediate ties, though greatly longing for such. The Dwarven Ranger liked the Tiefling Warlock and felt a measure of pity because he didn't honestly believe Nemanock would actually be so fortunate as to actually be taken in by a distant kinsman of a higher station. Bearn had no hope of actually completing his desired end of reclaiming his bloodline, but he was content to be with his new friend for now. 

In walked the two delegates from Arabel and they greeted Nemanock. "Who might your friend be?" They inquired, and BearnHur gave his name. At this Thunefir started and his eyebrows raised and he took Bearn aside and they talked excitedly with one another. Returning to the table the cleric said gigantically, "This is Bearn Hur, the last surviving descendant of Himmel Hur, the last king under the mountain at Thunderholme!" The Eladrin jerked up and looked at the cleric and said, "Are you sure?"

 "Absolutely," He bluffed, "I know a certain thing very well and that is the lineage of all the dwarves of Thunderholme." He was actually fairly certain that the ring Bearn possessed was a passable facsimile of the one purportedly worn by Himmel Hur when he died, and that would be enough to install him as the new king under the mountain if it came to that. 

With that they fell to close talking and left the very next morning.

As they made their way west toward Arabel and turned on to the road that would lead them to Winterhaven to call on Lord Padrag and look into some local banditry as well as call on an old friend Douven Staul he would doubtless be of great assistance in their grand designs. The came upon a half dead halfling laying in the ditch…


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