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Valthrun's Counsel

You follow Lord Padraig and Valthrun to Wrafton’s Inn and this is what he tells you:

“Shadowfell Keep, as folks call it now, was not always known by that name. It seems that this name arose only in the past century from people’s fear of the plane through which the dead travel. Not so long ago, yet beyond the memory of most, the keep was known as Keegan’s Keep. Stories tell of how the lord of Keegan’s Keep, Sir Jerold Keegan, became a crazed lunatic and slew his family and friends, forever cursing the place. However, the truth of the story is much more tragic. Sir Keegan was a renowned hunter of dragons. Thus, when the great wyrm, Shadraxil, a shadow dragon of particularly ill temperament, began to plague Cormyr, it fell to Keegan to come up with a way to defeat the beast. The knight lured the beast to the keep, and there, he managed with sword and sorcery to occupy the creature long enough to perform a ritual to trap it away in a place of shadow. That would have been the end of the story were it not for the power of Shadraxil. Incensed by his defeat, the wyrm poured all of his malice into revenge against the knight who trapped him. Such was the dragon’s power that even from beyond the Shadow Rift, he was able to deceive Keegan into believing his friends and family were conspiring against him. Eventually, the knight’s mind snapped. The author of the historical treatises speculates that he suffered paranoid delusions, for Keegan went on a rampage through the keep, killing his wife and comrades before eventually a grievous wound drove him to flee into the keep’s crypts. It’s not known what happened to him after that. Cormyr’s leaders, fearing that Shadraxil might continue to wreak havoc upon those stationed at the keep, ordered the place destroyed and its secrets hidden. They slew a juvenile shadow dragon and created a false burial site, all in an effort to conceal the truth—that Shadraxil still lives, waiting just beyond the rift for an opportunity to have vengeance upon those who did him wrong so very long ago. Whatever activity is occurring at the keep, it can surely mean ill for Winterhaven and those of nearby lands.

4th session - Kobold Lair

Lord Sterling’s representatives left Winterhaven and headed out to clear out the Kobold Lair. They approached stealthily and attacked about a dozem Kobolds who were outside guarding the lair. It was a pitched battle but the final outcome was never seriously in doubt, although the appearance of an unknown skirmisher on Nemanock’s flank took them by surprise. The Lair was located behind a waterfall and they next invaded the lair. Inside awaited another dozen or so Kobolds who were backed up by some heavier duty dragon shields and a wyrmpriest and a huge fearsom goblin known as Irontooth. Ultimayely, these too were also wiped out, though the wyrmpriest and one of the dragon shields made a run for it and almost got away.

They looted the lair and recovered hundreds of gold pieces as well as a suit of +1 Dwarven Chain (which Bearn is now wearing). Of note was a note they found on Irontooth from Kalarel warning him that his spy in Winterhaven talked of a party of trouble makers, this is the note:

“My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep a lookout for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will all serve as food for those Shar sends to do my biddings.”

Deciding that time was of the essence, the party took an extended rest and prepared to proceed to the old keep, intent on stopping Kalarel before the whole area suffered a most horrible fate.

3rd Session - Bairwin's Grande Shoppe

Bursting into the downstairs lair they discovered a temple for worshipping Shar, so there is a cult operating in Winterhaven! In a pitched battle they were able to overcome the worshippers and slay Bairwin himself. In the afetermath they discovered a secret room which held a chest containing Bairwin’s wealth and they also found a ritual book on a shelf along with some historical books on Thunderholme. Of note was a reference to a draco-lich called the sybilant shade that occasionaly prowls the area. They also found a note from Kalarel saying that the keep had enough supplies now to last until the ritual to release Shadraxil was completed, and that would be in a few days (the note was dated today)and that Bairwin would be rewarded

When they came back upstairs they met Rond Kelfam of Lord Padraig’s guard who quickly sent for the lord once appraised of what happened. It was decided to burn everything relating to the cult of shar. Many dwarven artifacts were uncovered on the shelves in his shoppe and these were put into a crate and sent back to the dwarves at Arabel for safe keeping as directed by Thunefir.

Many valuable magic items were uncovered from the shoppe also. Thunefir secured a Moradin’s +1 symbol of life PHB Pg.237, and Aponym uncovered an orb of inevitable continuance PHB Pg.239, Nemanach secured a +1 rod of dark reward PHB Pg.239 that looked to have been pimped to do more controlling or dominating, but he was unable to determine what else it could do. Finally, Darius discovered the necklace that his father wore from which hung Torm’s Tear, though it was no longer attached.

Back at the Wrafton’s inn they discussed what to do next. The Dwarven smith Thair Coalstriker was overjoyed to learn of Bairwin’s downfall and bought many rounds claiming “See, I told you so!”

It was decided to head out in the morning for the kobold lair under the waterfall as that was surely connected to the goings on at the keep and hopefully they might find out something more about the keep and be able to successfuly stop Kalarel’s ritual and save the whole region from devastation.

The plan was to hit the kobold lair in the morning and, if possible, take the keep that afternoon.

2nd session/Ring of Destiny

With the acqusition of the first artifact item (the amulet) the concordance increases to the point that the Ring is now alive to the possibility that it may obtain its goal of recovering its domain in Thunderholme. The spirit of the Cleric whose essence is bound up in this item now communicates with Bearn on an empathic level. Bearn senses his desires and urges and intentions although he will find that they are all pretty much tied to getting back to the mountain and ruling from Thunderholme, so he won’t find it of much use in guidance for day-to-day concerns. It will be clear when it is in the prescence of any items associated with its concordance.

Dwarven Ring of Destiny

Looks like an ordinary silver ring.

Thunefir knows this: Wielder should be dwarf, the higher level the better, it helps others in party, it gains power when used with specific items. It will let bearer know when these items appear. Items also act differently in bearers possession depending on concordance.

Daily Power – wielder and allies within 20 squares may expend a healing surge as a free action.

This increases with more items and levels. Items operate as per PHB description except bonuses change with concordance.

When he gets to his library he learns more specifics.

2nd session

The party set out to visit Douven Staul. Not a half mile from the gates of Winterhaven they were ambushed by kobolds and after some trouble they finished them off. The kobold wyrmpriest was wearing a necklace with the symbol of Shar hanging on it. They destroyed the symbol and kept the necklace as it was of some value.

Arriving at Douven Staul’s home they talked to his wife who said that he had not returned since leaving a few weeks before to check out the dragon burial site. They went to the dragon site and were soon in combat with the plunderers around the site. They overcame them and the gnome in charge, Adrig, surrendered and confessed that he was an agent of Kalarel hired by Bairwin from Winterhaven to recover a certain item that was needed by Kalarel to complete some ritual.

They brought Adrig back to Winterhaven and sought an audience with the Lord to arrest Bairwin. The Lord secured the city and asked them to apprehend Bairwin. When they got to his shop and went inside he immediately dove through a trap door into a basement room. Hot in pursuit they entered a room that looked like some sort of cult worship room and were confronted by 5 or 6dark figures and Bairwin is at the farside of the room.

At this point they were quite fatigued by the day’s exertions, but they had reached a milestone and pressed on.

So ended the session…

Quest List


Determine if there is Mithral in Thunderholme Mountain.

Find out the secret of how the Dwarves of Thunderholme were so successful as miners, seemingly beyond even dwarven abilities.

Eliminate the kobold threat to Winterhaven.

Douvan Staul – Find Douvan Staul and ask him to join your party.

Determine if there is a cult of Shar operating in Winterhaven.

Investigate waterfall (kobold lair)

Tunefir recalls

That first night in Winterhaven, Thunefir was perusing the tome that Darius had delivered into their hands. He still needed more time and his library to properly decipher the ancient Dwarven text, but he was able to make out a few generalities, one of which was that the Dwarves Of Thunderholme seemed to have some sort of trade relationship with the Minotaurs of Thunderspire. This gave him the idea that maybe there was a way to get into the mountain hold of Thunderholme from Thunderspire. And didn’t he recallthat halfling say he was from Thunderspire? Suddenly this was all coming together for him. Moradin was lighting the way!

1. After the half dead halfling
1st session

The party encountered kobolds when they started to assist the halfling. They quickly eliminated the kobolds and revived the halfling who introduced himself as Rendil Silvermoon of Thunderspire. Shoud they ever find themselves in the Seven Pillared hall in Thunderspire they have room and board at The Halfmoon Inn. He suggested they talk to Sister Lenora at Winterhaven. At Winterhaven they stayed at Wrafton’s Inn and met several folks.

1. Susana Wrafton – the owner of the Inn.

2. Lord Padraig – Lord of Winterhaven.

3. Rond Kelfam – The Lord’s Sargeant of the guard.

4. Eilian the old – local farmer

5. Thair Coalstriker – Dwarven Smithy.

6. Sister Lenora – priestess of Chauntea.

7. Valthrun the Prescient – Sage

8. Ninaren – Elf trapper.

9. Delphina Moongem – flower elf.

10. Bairwin Windarson – owner of Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe.

A startling development

As the company sets out for Winterhaven, Thunefir makes a starting observation. Bearn is no longer wearing the ring! This will never do. How can he oversee the return of the king if there is no king?

The Secrets of Thunderholme

What could these be?


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