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A gift from Windy

Before he left Captain Winthrope “Windy” Copperhagen gave Thunefir, as the spiritual leader of the party, a medallion known as the Circle of Halfling Friendship. Rendil Halfmoon, who was witness to the little ceremony, was moved to tears and bowed solemnly.

The Horned Hold 18

The party finished conversing with Captain Copperhagen and returned to the Seven Pillared Hall (7PH). Capt. Copperhagen returned to Arabel via Winterhaven to have a converse with Lord Sterling. Along with the good Captain was the fair flaxen haired lady Aranan Tuvennen, and she and Nemanock made good their acquaintence.p. They met with the Drow Gendar who was glad to receive the ceremonial dagger from Bairwin’s shop and when the party told him what happened, which is what was in line with what he had already been told had happened, he decided he could trust them. He gave them a quest to rcover a skull scepter that his people had recovered only to lose to the Duergar and which he now believes is in the Horned Hold. He gave them a map to the Horned Hold and told them it was the seat of Clan Grimmerzhul. He told them of its general lay out and bid them a safe journey. His calmly sardonic somile and his eye patch gave them an eerie feeling, as befits a Drow. They went to the horned hold and found the back entrance guarded by 5 berserker orcs behind a portcullis. To sow confusion, Bearn stumbled past their field of vision and as they were focusing on him and all five guards crowded around the gate, Aponym hit them with a sleep spell which slowed them down enough for Nemanock to execute a stunning maneuver where he ran up to the gate and picked the lock FROM THE OTHER SIDE! and Darius stepped up and swung the door open. A raucus donnybrook ensued and as the dust cleared, three orcs lay dead and the other two fled for help. The party tried to stop them, but one reached a door at the end of the Hall and summoned aid which appeared the following round in the form of two more orc berserkers in shop aprons.

An interview with Captain Copperhagen

An Interview with Captain Winthorp “Windy” Copperhagen.

Windy tells you that he had entered Thunderspire Mountain to rescue his crew. Their ship had foundered in storms off the Luskan coast. They were all floating amidst the flotsam and jetsam of their ruined ship when an orc ship appeared and fished them out of the water. They told the orcs that Windy, who the orcs knew by reputation (He and his crew were known as the “Pirates of Luskan”), had drowned. In reality he was hiding underwater by magical means.

He pursued the orc ship, but of course it outran him and he has been tracking his crew ever since. He knows now that they are being held in the horned hold prior to being sold off and shipped to places far worse. They are an elite crew and worth a pretty penney.

He now asks you to rescue his crew for him as the party can do much better than he alone and he really needs to reach Arabel and talk to Lord Sterling about a new ship, a special ship, but he won’t allude to that any further.

He complains that he has had bad dreams and hasn’t been able to recover any of his daily powers and this vexes him sorely.

Clotting the Blood Reavers 17

This report will include Three parts. The recounting of the battle, the interrogation of the prisoners, and the likely options for next session.

Part the First: The party was guided to the Dragon door on the Eastern side of the seven pillared hall and Rendil told them to follow the signs left by the dwarven prospectors that clearly showed how to get to the The Chamber of Eyes. Nemanock went in first through the partially open door and snuck around noting the ledge on the far side of the room and the double doors on the right, behind which he could here goblin voices, although at this time he did not try to discern what they were saying.

They decided to climb the ledge and sneak in through the back way. This worked and they surprised the goblin and hobgoblin guards and their bugbear chieftain. A pitched battle ensued but the end was never really in question of rour intrepid adventurers as they faced numerous foes and dispatched of them with singular dispatch. Darius did his part by standing in the middle surrounded by many and taking much damage, meanwhile Bearn struck where he wuilled and whittled the many down as Nemanock tried a new tactic of actually hitting his targets and noted his effectiveness increased muchly. Possibly inspired by this new technique, Thunefir also began hitting things, many critically, with telling effect. Most remarkably, Aponym pulled a fireball out of his #@$ and toasted a wave of reinforcements that left them easy pickings for Bearn who was reinforced by “Thunefir’s Silver Hammer.”

“Boom Boom Thunefir’s silver hammer came down upon their head”

“Boom Boom Thunefir’s silver hammer made sure that they were dead”

The Bloodreaver’s leader and his surviving retinue beat a hasty retreat, but not before their dire wolf was also dispatched by Bearn. In the midst of the fray, two Duergar were seen making a hesty escape and nemanock and Charrak went to guard the route lest anymore try to escape. Sure enough, two human rabble were also trying to get out and they were captured and revealed some valuable info.

Part the Second: Advanced questioning techniques revealed that the Duergar were the cheif trading partners in the slavering and that they relied heavily on the bloodreavers for their stock. They also said that this raid showed the weakness of Krand, the bloodreaver’s leader and that he will no longer have any business in the seven pillared hall and that the Deurgar will now have to go elsewhere or do with out until they can negotiate with some new slavers. They found a note regarding a recent sale of slaves and it was written by Murkelmor(?) describing the slave transaction, though not where they were taken. p. When they talk to Windy he tells them that the slavers sold his crew a couple of days ago, along with some others from Winterhaven and Arabel and he knows not where they took them, but he begs the party to recover them. He would help but he had urgent business with Lord Sterling and now that his crew’s salvation is in better hands then his own, he must hasten off to Arabel. p. Part the Third: The party must now decide how it will proceed. How to confront the Duergar and find where the slaves were taken and rescue them. There is still this business with Paldemar, the renegade mage that the Mages of Saruun are looking for, as well. The Deepgem dwarves have mentioned a pet boar that is missing, and its recovery would surely cement ties to them. Perhaps it would be helpful to enlist the ais of a good guide while travelling further into the Labrynth, as Rendil assured you that there won’t be handy dwarven runes guiding their paths everywhere they need to go. The most highly reccomened guide is Terrlen Darkseeker. Although he has no love of the Purple Dragons or their politics, he seems a decent enough fellow otherwise, and Darius feels there is hope.

Lyrics to “Thunefir’s Silver Hammer” by Bennik the Wanderer

Into Thunderspire session 16

The party entered Thunderspire Mountain and on their way top the rumored Seven Pillared Hall they encountered a hideout of the “Bloodreavers” and within they espied their old friend Rendil Halfmoon. They rushed in and slaughtered all the Bloodreavers and rescued Rendil again.

When they entered the seven pillared hall the first place they went was to the customs house where they met Orontor, one of the mages of saruun, a cabal that runs the seven pillared hall. He gave them a quest A favor for the Mages. They knew that if they could do this for the mages they would be that much closer to securing another line of communications to Thunderholme.

On the way to the Inn Rendil pointed out some establishments of note in the seven pillared hall. The Custom House, The Deepgem Company, Temple of Hidden light, House Azaer, Minotaur Statue, Gendar’s Curios and Relics, Grimmerzhul Trading Post, The Dragon Door, Tower of Saruun.

Rendil next took them to the Halfmoon Inn and introduced them to many of its regulars. Brugg, Charrak, Harwin, The Ordinator Arcanis, Bennik the Wanderer, Surina, Terrlen Darkseeker, and Vadriar the Sage.

They also talked to some dwarves from the Deepgem company. they told them of a dwarf who styled himself as the king of the Dwarves. This dwarf may possess the Crown of Command. (probably not)


When asked about dreambinding Valthrun became quite animated. He had heard of it and thought that it was a lost art and wondered just who could have given Orytar the ritual. Nevertheless, it is quite a boon if it is in fact a demon who is persuing you on the dreamscape. He doesn’t really know much about it other than it must be a really fluid and bizarre way to travel.

Back to Winterhaven and beyond session 15

The adventure started with the doughty party at the top of the steps looking down. At the base of the steps were about a dozen corpses strewn about andpiled up against the doors to the right and straight beyone. To the left was a wide opening with more stairs which were flanked by two braziers providing feint light to the room beyond. Bearn shot an arrow from the top of the steps to see if there would be any movement from the corpses (because all previous corpses in this infernal crypt had gotten up and attacke), but this time there was no movement. They descended the stairs and could see a large hulking figure, unmoving, in the center of the room. As they descended those steps the zombie hulk attacked and bearn gave it what for. Next Aponym moved in and the brazier to his left tilted and threw flames and brimstone at him which he dodged with characteristic Eladrin savoire faire. The fight was on as they espied Tar Lorval moving behind some pillars at the back of the room. The melee was pitched and our heroes faced not only those two defenders but four rotting skeletons that had arisen from the piles of corpses. Although the skellies were easily dropped, they seemed to rise again just as easily. The zombie hulk also rose a turn after being killed and this time Aponym was knocked unconscious and would have died were it not for Thunefir’s intervention. Ultimately, all the foes were slain and treasure was collected. Off note was a ring belonging to Nemaniae, a Tiefling empress from long ago.

The party continued on their way to Winterhaven and then to Thunderspire Mountain where they have it on pretty good authority is a place called the Seven-Pillared Hall. The main objective at Thunderspire is to find a path to Thunderholme and sneak in through the back way, as it were. The key to that will be setting up a reliable line of communications between Thunderholme and Lord Sterling in Arabel. They met a fellow adventurer named Orytar who told them some tales from Thunderholme and his run ins with Karn Dzul, an immoleth demon who reputedly possosses the phylactery of the dracolich Aurgloroasa. He gave them the Ritual of Dreambinding which will allow them to face the Demon on the Dreamscape as a united party.

These are the goals discussed and taken up while in Winterhaven.

1. Defeat the Bloodreaver slavers and recover some folks, Lord Padraig offers 1000gp for proof of their demise – 1250xp.

2. Secure the Seven Pillared Hall as a line of Communication – 1250xp.

3. Establish a base at the Halfmoon Inn – 200xp.

4. Confront Noristo and replace/combine House Azaer with House Sterling. 1250xp.

5. Open diplomatic ties with the mages of Saruun – 200xp.

6. Recruit the Deepgem Company Dwarves – 200xp.

7. Befriend Gendar, the drow merchant – 200xp.

8. Become dream bound by using the ritual – 200xp.

From ancient tomes come more questions
Thunefir, Library Paraprofessional

Thunefir had spent a great deal of time consulting the archives of his people. He has learned that the Dwarves of Thunderhelm were in possession or control of objects called "spades". The controller or operator of the spades could compel these spades to great amounts of work, thus increasing the amount of the mountain the dwarves could mine.

Apparently, the use of these spades came as the result of a bargain struck with the Minotaurs of Thunderspire. 

Thunefir is concerned at this. If a Dwarven community mines too much and the population cannot keep pace with growth of the Dwarven Hearth, then the Dwarves places themselves at risk of trying to protect and guard more than they can.


Hmmm, did the Minotaurs betray the Dwarves?

Did the Dwarves of Thunderholm over expand?

Did the Dwarves of Thunderholm become lazy?

Did they grow complacent.

Only the Mountain can answer these questions.

A little deeper Delve session 13,14

As they left Arabel on their way to Winterhaven, the party was accosted by Sir Iglestrom of the Purple Dragons. He asked them if they would investigate some disturbing reports of the Necromancer Lar Torval in the Hullack Forest. He gave them some rudimentary directions and a sharp eye noticed the Lair as they approached.

Descending into the lair they were attacked by two wights and three boneshard skeletons. They focused on the wights and then started on the skellies. Much to their horror they discovered that when each skelton was bloodied they released a hail of bone and did it again when they were finally dropped. This proved to be the most troublesome aspect of all and Bearn and Darius were almost reduced to death by these attacks. The party took a short rest and prepared to delve deeper.

They entered the descending hallway on the opposite side and were immediately attacked by two skeletons throwing flaming spheres at them. The skeletons fell back into a room and were replaced by two zombies who radiated cold and stood above an evil hly symbol to a dark and fell god. Darius and Bearn fell upon them and quickly discovered they were taking cold damage every round just by being near them, and still the three skeletons continued to lob flaming spheres at them.

This was ultimately an encounter that was decided by missile fire, but blockers were still required and they took a lot of damage. When the dust cleared and the last foe was felled the party was nearly spent. Fortunately they earned another action point and are ready to descend into the last and final chamber to try and take out the necromancer Lar Torval. This may prove to be their biggest fight ever…

High Council in Arabel session13

High Council in Arabel Prologue The time has come said Lord Sterling, to talk of many things, of candles and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings, of why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings. A perfect storm of events and opportunities lay before us and we must make our plans and carefully set events in motion. We each have our separate dreams; we can see them all fulfilled if we work together. Aponym and I wish to see a secure future for our progeny. Thunefir and Bearn wish to see the Sterling silver dwarves regain their hold and home, secure and proud. Nemanock wishes to secure his birthright and claim his heritage. Darius wishes to find his father’s fate, take up his destiny, and secure the realm of Cormyr.

We will first address the Dwarven concern.

We will now hear from Nemanock. Nemanock is a bastard son of Lord Noristo of the House of Azer. his Mother and Lord Sterlings mother are cousins through the grand Matriarch of the family. House Azer has no closer heirs than Nemanock, though there are many who would claim that position in his absence. Lord Noristo would just as soon have one of them succeed him than Nemanock. In all probability, Lord Noristo will want Nemanock dead. Nemanock wants to free his mother from her wrongful imprisonment and take his rightful place at the head of House Azer. Having a blood connection to royalty would be of utmost benefit to Lord Sterling.

We will now hear from the Purple Dragons. Darius wants to find out his father’s fate and fulfill his own role as a purple dragon and work with the dwarves in securing their part of Cormyr.

I will now address my own concern and interest. I wish to secure the title of Lord Sterling. To that end I will support all your designs. I want favorable regard with respect to trade with Thunderholme and exclusive rights of first refusal to any Mithral ore exported to any but fellow dwarves. I want influence in royal circles through House Azer and I want favorable assistance from the Purple Dragons when necessary. At this point these are requests that it is not possible for any of you to guarantee. I will do everything in my power to see that it will be within you power. Let us drink a toast of solidarity and follow it with the blessings of Moradin and Torm. Word is out and many adventurers, thieves, and sell-swords from many regions are converging on Thunderholme in search of ready wealth and easy fame. Let us break from the pack and try a different route. I hear there is a way from underground through ancient trading paths. Find that path, secure the hold from within, and greet the bandits from above as the already installed rightful owners of Thunderholme.

There are also political hazards to our plans. House Revere makes fine silver wares and covets the title that was theirs before it was one by Linnaeus Leathwaite (our Lord Sterling). Pella China seeks to supplant our high quality silver with their low cost ceramic dishware. No one ever dropped a silver bowl and broke it. Plate for plate it may cost much less, but over time it will be seen that only the very rich can afford not to own Sterling Silver.


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