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A Princess in Chains Session 41

Our intrepid party decided to investigate the source of the wailing sounds and guarantee that they wouldn’t be disturbed whilst they repaired their ship. The imp was sent ahead to scout and reported back. What they found was a demon princess bound in chains conducting a soul of unbinding ritual with a Yuan ti Malison enchanter. Her name was Baelzra and she was unbinding souls who had been sent to hell and selling the souls. In a wild swirling melee they killed the enchanter and the demon fled with her two warder demons.

The party must decide what to do with the remaining souls. Should they be destroyed (merciful) or be sent on to their original destinations (just)? They could also be abandoned and left to nothing more than a probable delay of the situation they had found themselves in (meh).

Since Baelzra got away, the party must be prepared for her likely return to exact vengeance. Will she be able to amass the necessary forces to overwhelm them? How long will that take? Can they get “Ransome’s Reward” repaired in time? How much time do they have before the Githyanki come searching for their swords?

Greetings from Hell session 40

Not long after they have crash landed on Avernus, on the shores of Despond, the party is welcomed by a band of devils on their regular sweep looking for fresh souls to torment or living ones if the rare opportunity presents itself. Six devils including a Captain of Pain surprised them as they were making ready top go investigte the remains of the nearby crashed Githyanki piratical vessel. The ensuing battle was not a very tough one, in the sense that the outcome was never much in doubt. The Devils attacked too soon, while the party was still on the ship and they were able to mount an effective defense from the upper deck.

After the battle they left Windy and his crew to effect repairs on their vessel Ransom’s Reward as they ventured over to survey the wreckage of the Gith ship. When they had landed Nemanock had sent his imp to scout out the vessel. The imp returned as the last Devil was slain and reported that there were no survivors and precious little left of the Githyanki ship “Dark Matter.” They made their way to the ship and searched through the wreckage finding an Instant Portal and Lodestone of the planes. They also recovered twelve Githyanki Silver Swords.

When they returned to their ship they decided to go investigate the keening wails that were coming from a ways inland instead of taking an extended rest as they suspect that the Devils would be expected back and to delay would cost them the element of surprise as the devils overlords would wonder at their absence.

Summer in Avernus Session 39

The party decided to forgo the dream binding ritual and perform the ritual of ascension first. Upon completing the ritual at the top of the 777 stairs, they stepped out onto an overlook that they could see the whole mountain range from. They espied a giant flying ship that hove into view around the side of the mountain. Windy hailed them and bid them come aboard. They passed through a gate that was enscribed on the side of the mountain and into the astral sea. They traveled for a few days before being pursued by four Gith pirate ships and after a tense several hours they had evaded all but one of the vessels, and by performing an astral immelman they wound up pursuing a damaged Githyanki pirate ship and they pursued it right to Hell and crashed on the shores of the Lake of Despond. They saw the Gith vessel make a horrible crashlanding about 500 yards away behind a pier of rock. Ransom’s Reward was also heavily damaged, but Windy believed it was still repairable. They began surveying the damage while they waited for any devils that were clinging to the Gith ship to disperse and then they are intending to go recover the homing beacon that they need from it.

The Pit of the Abandoned Regiment Session 38

The battle raged on and eventually all but the Abandoned Regiment were destroyed. Thunefir elected to try and soothe the discontented souls and with Bearns help, after some tense negotiations, the souls were placated and layed to rest.

The party then had to decide whether or not to take a rest or to press on. The imp went through the door and saw that the next room contained a drow battlewight and a draco-lich! The party decided to return to the hold for an extended rest and to decide how to proceed.

Thunefir was of the opinion that the dragon should be by-passed, for the moment, since it seemed to be content to let its minions wander about while it remained in its lair. What he was really interested in doing was passing through the area and following the path to the basee of the 777 step stairs. This spiral stairway is of religious significance to the dwarves. Ascending the stairs is a ritually cleansing process where there are 777 different steps that are slightly different from the rest and at each one the aspirant stops and prays and meditates on the task at hand. This ends at the top of the stiars which are at the peak of the mountain and has an observation point to look out over the world. So important is this to dwarves that Thunefir can not abide pressing the quest further until this is accomplished.

During the extended rest, which actually takes a few days, no more unmentionables come through the gate. The party will undergo the Dreambinding ritual.

Latest from House Azaer

The Noble house of Azaer

The House of Azaer has been a noble family for over 750 years. It was originally founded by a Teilfing warlock named Kachar who earned his title in the war of The lost King. Kachar found a school of Infernal Magic for nobles. The school eventually became a school of all magics and was at one point quite successful, until the rein of Noristo. In the 30 years of his rein as Lord, the school became know as a place where noble casters can learn the dark side. When Nemanock the Condescending became the lord in charge, the school’s numbers where 20% of what they where they where 50 years ago. It was ran by a powerful amoral wizard who quit upon hearing about Nemanock considering the idea of opening up the school to non-nobles. One other teacher quit, leaving 5, but the student body did not change in quantity. About 20 students now live at the school with widely varying degrees of Nobel blood with all status ignored in the name of education. The new Headmaster Seuda Longstaff is presently taken applications for Staff and its first common student.

Other holdings of the House include a small library in Suzail, a nice set of apartments in Suzail, a small mansion in Arabel, and is rumoured to have a house under thunderspire.

Darius' Farewell

After returning to Arabel for the funeral and proper internment of his father, Darius has not the heart to go back into Thunderholme. The Purple Dragons have promoted him to Commander and let him wear his father’s Ring. Now they are testing his loyalty by asking him to patrol the stonelands on the northern border. A more loyal knight Cormyr does not possess, he goes where bidden. He blesses you all with a hard heart and departs for the stonelands with his new retinue.

Evil D'Cour! Session 36

After some preliminary cautions were considered and abandoned, the party moved through the portal. On the opposite side in stnding sarcophagi were six figures. Five were ghosts and one was Darius’ father, now a horrible Undead corruption! Darius was overwhelmed with grief at first, but he finally accepted his father was gone and this foul undead abberation was not him. As the party engaged the ghosts they soon discovered they were sould linked and not until their combined hit point total had been defeated would they be banished. They were wiped out by our intrepid adventure company and only Evil D’Cour was left, he yelled down a hall that he couldn’t hold them off any longer and then was fianlly overwhelmed by the combined party.

Afterwards they searched his body and he was wearing two rings. The first was his Purple Dragon Knight Commander’s Ring which Darius now wears. Also worn was a magician’s Ring which Aponym gave to Nemanock that they might use it for sending messages/warnings discretely to one another.

The party retreated to the other side of the gate to rest and refit before moving down the other passageway.

The Gate! Session 35

The party pressed on and a short while later the trail opened up into a wide cavern with a Blue Portal glimmering at the opposite end. On either side of the trail the floor was rough and hilly. Aponym recognized this as the portal that had been rumored to have been constructed between Saruun Khel (the Minotaur city) and Thunderholme. Rather than traverse the nearly hundred mile underground road between the two cities this portal was said to have been constructed.

As wondrous as that was, they had more immediate concerns…Ahead of them stood two large undead constructs a little ways in front of the gate and behind them, was an undead minotaur cabalist. Aponym Froze them in place with an Ice storm and the party moved to cover in the rough terrain and opened fire with their missile weapons. As the seconds ticked away the constructs worked their way out of the ice, but the cabalist remained behind struggling with the impediment.

One of the constructs moved forward and one engaged darius, but was unable to actually land a successful blow and while Darius kept him entertained the party focused on the other one. Just as they seemed to have the situation well in hand a flight of dwarven ghouls appeared over the hills and one engaged Aponym, two engaged Nemanock and two hit Thunefir and Bearn. These minions were quickly dispatched except for the two on Nemanock who was embroiled with them for most of the rest of the battle during which time he successfully managed to roll seven! ones.

Although in the end the evil menace was unable to inflict serious damage on the party (except for nemanock who had to get healed once), the party was totally depleted because the two behemoths and the minotaur all had in excess of 200 points each and the minotaur was regenerating 10 points a round. Most had used all of their daily and encounter powers. They decided to take an extended rest before attempting to pass through the gate.

Through the Wall Session 34

Meeting up for the first time in months, the SSAC was called to a hole in the wall by Deepgem Hold. Stepping through they were faced with a huge dark cavern, they entered went a few steps and decided to fire up a sunrod as torchlight just wasn’t cutting it. They saw four poltergeists at the far end of the cavern and the two groups began advancing. Aponym layed down an Ice storm and did some damage. They closed and the battle was started in earnest as four ghosts came up out of the floor. Fortunately these minions were quickly dismissed. The poltergeists were overwhelmed and the party healed up and moved on.

A little ways ahead they entered another cavern where a long arched bridge spanned a deep crevasse. They made their way across and were greeted by four vampire spawn, one of which was wearing some sort of billowy flowing robes. Nemanock cursed the lot of them, successfully cursing each one and dissolving these minions, the robes falling to the floor. behind these were four skeltons that were using their spines as flails followed by one brutish looking skeleton with big hands. Aponym thunderwaved them over the edge and only two skellies with sipne flails remained and the mauling skeleton. Again nemanock damaged the maul skeleton and down it went over the edge. Thunefir turned the rest and over the edge they went. A very easy encounter indeed.

They were very energized by their success and prepared to press on.

Valthrun the Prescient

Valthrun the Prescient – Sage of Winterhaven has completed a most exhaustive research of Thunderholme and submitted this report to Thunefir. Curiously, it has less to do with Thunderholme in general than it does with the Dragon that now inhabits it.

Born in the Year of the Black Dawn, 426 DR, to Shhuusshuru, she prowled her mother’s domain in the Far Hills for nearly two centuries until establishing her first lair in the southwestern Thunder Peaks in 616 DR. Both elven rangers from Cormanthyr and dwarven scouts from Thunderholme noted her arrival but neither race chose to move against her. She stayed out of things for the following century and was eventually forgotten by all but the most devoted dragon hunters (none of whom ever actually got to engage with her).

In 989 DR, dwarven miners from Thunderholme accidentally expanded their works into her lair, rousing her from her sleep. She dispatched the dwarves and caved in their tunnel to make it appear as an accident. She became interested in Thunderholme’s operations and observed the dwarves via divination magic and spies summoned from the Plane of Shadow.

In 1501 DR she began whispering dark promises to the High priest of Dumathoin of the dwarven city Dagan. Over the next 33 years his ambition, madness and obsession with death increased and he named his voice the “Sibilant Shade”, a name which pleased Aurgloroasa greatly. He rose to a preeminent position in the city thanks to her whispers, second only to his king, Emerlin XIII. The old king died just after his only son and heir disappeared on a trade mission to Selgaunt in 1534 DR and Dagan became regent of Thunderholme in their stead (note: both the king and the prince’s fates were caused by the dragon’s agents). Dagan used his new power to build a huge temple to Dumathoin in the heart of the city which took 20 years to complete. The regent was holding a grand ceremony to open the temple even as the demonic horde was fighting a horrible war of attrition against the Bronze Warders and gaining Thunderholme and shocked the city’s population by dedicating it to Null instead of Dumathoin, summoning Aurgloroasa, believing her to be Null’s avatar. She proceeded to assail Thunderholme from within and to kill all but 30 of the dwarves and then hunted down and killed those over the next few weeks. It is rumored that all those that died now serve the dragon in undeath as skeletons.


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