Thunefir Hravn

Clerical leader of Thunderholme Dwarves


Thunfir Hravn is the spiritual leader of the Thunderspire clan, though at this point he is the only one who really knows the clan history. His role as Clan Sage has been handed down father to son since the final days of Thunderholme. It is his role, his destiny, to return the clan to its home and former glory, or to pass it’s history on to his son. In his desire, unknown in previous clan sages, he has sired no offspring, it is his intent to retake the hold or die in the attempt and end the clan’s days of shame and obscurity.

He is certain that Bearn Hur is the figure he needs to restore the Dwarven Thunderholme clan. Now if he could only convince Bearn…


Thunefir Hravn

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