Eladrin Wizard and chief advisor to Lord Sterling


Thunderholme, in the Thunder Peaks, was where the Ancient Dwarven hold Thunefir's people who now worked for House Sterling were from. Recently, whispered rumors were circulating of adventurers penetrating the fastness and returning with great riches un molested by Aurgloroasa the Craco lich said to have guarded the treasure of the Dwarves of Thunderholme. In Arabel, sitting in his study, Lord Sterling looked up as his most trusted advisor, friend, and father-in-law, Aponym, strode in and stood beside him. "My lord," he began, calmly and as assuring as ever, "I have an idea that may meet with your approval. I have told you of the rumors of adventurers returning from Thunderholme. You know we have given succor and porsperity to those Dwarves as they have given us the means to your title. Now is the time when we can once again strengthen our alliance." The plan was set. A party of adventurers would delve into the mountain and seek its most valuable content, Truesilver, otherwise known as Mithril. Even trace amounts of Mithril would lend such a degree of fineness to the silver smith's of House Leathwait, that he would be sure to retain his honorary title of Lord Sterling for a very long time. For a very long time he would be able to mark his sliver wares as "Pure Sterling Ware" an honor only held by one house and that house was whoever was created "Lord Sterling" until the title was transferred to another whose wares proved superior.Thunefir was summoned and approval was given for a most daring and audacious plan. Reclaim Thunderholme for the clan and grant exclusive trade of the precious metals therein to House Sterling nee Leathwaite. Not a week later a most interesting letter arrived, it was from a Tiefling named Nemanock who claimed a distant family tie. A tiefling who claimed lineage through his mother's mother who was a cousin of his own dear Grandmother Gwindell. He remembered her fondly and so thought favorably of him and also believed he may be of some use to his new enterprise. The deal was set and the Eladrin wizard and the Dwarven cleric were dispatched to conduct him from Highmoon to the estate. There was always business to conduct in Highmoon and this was just another item on a long list. Chief on that list was access to certain records that were there that might give a clue as to how Thunderholme could be won.



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