Lord Sterling (Linaeus Leathwait)


1290 DR Dominic Leathwait silver merchant of Neverwinter gives destitute Dwarves succor and they forge a great alliance. Hralnor’s son Cleric Brael befriends Dominic and secures the blessing of Moradin. 1338 DR Dominic’s son Val becomes head of house and focuses on The Forge as the silversmithy is known and greatly improves on reputation.

1385 DR Spellplague!!! 1391 DR Val’s son Samuel Leathwait heads household and shows great ability as an artisan and merchant. Marries Gwindell Marthon who is a shrewd, competent, and charismatic wife. Together they are created Lord and Lady Sterling. 1405 DR Samuel’s son Val becomes family Head. 1450 DR Val’s son Linaeus is born. 1460 DR Val and the Eradin Aponym return as the only survivors of a disastrous trading voyage when they were attacked by pirates. They form close friendship. 1471 DR Linaeus weds Anastasia, Aponym’s Daughter. 1479 DR Aponym and Brael’s grandson Thunefir come upon a half dead Halfling while conducting a distant relation Nemanock and his friend Bearn Hur to Neverwinter. The current Lord Sterling is Linaeus Leathwaite.


Lord Sterling (Linaeus Leathwait)

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