Sterling Adventure Company

Tu'narathi Dragon Rider Session 46

The party went to town and found out some important information after asking around. Kharn-Dzul is in fact occupuying the Vor Kurath’s palace called the Ruby Court. Nemanock knows that he is an Immolith Fire Demon. They learned much about this foe and worked out the best way to defeat him. As they were finishing up that there was a comotion outside and they sprang frm the The Dancing Lizard to see what was the matter. Up above a red dragon circled and it appeared to have a rider of some sort. This would have remained quite the mystery, but Nemanock sent his imp up to get a better look. Just before the dragon vaporized him he was able to see a Githyanki rider on its back.
They went back inside to try and determine what was the meaning of this, as did everybody else. Some members of a group called the Obsidian Covenant entered, a Genasi and a human. The Genasi was quite amiable and talked quite openly with Nemanock. Together they were able to determine that it probably was a Githyankee dragon rider and that, in fact, that the Sterling Adventure Company was who he was looking for. Enter the Coyote. The Coyote was there for karaoke night, which he never missed (especially when it was eighties night). The Coyote had observed the dragon fly in and stop at the ship before circling all around the tent city and then high overhead above Vor Kurath. He was pretty sure that it was the newcomers that had incited this visit, so he went to invite them to leave and meet the Githyanki by the ruined city as opposed to his own city. He would have been much ruder about his manner and request, but Thunefir showed him the halfling ring of friendship. He couldn’t really help them, but if they were this halfling’s friend they would certainly hasten from Coyote’s Refuge.
They Girded their loins and walked out towards Vor Kurath.



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