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The Gathering Storm Session 49

The party went back to Coyote’s Refuge and partied quite heartily with the local denizens. As the celebration begam Araksis of the scions showed up and invited them back to their room for a little chat. The outcome of this chat was the determination that what they were going to try was to get a copy of Najala’s gate to copy the runes from and then teleport through that gate which should be in the prescence of Dhar-Zul.

The first task what to find a picture that showed the gate and copy the sigils off of that. The best chance they had of that was with the White Lantern Consortium. The leader of which was an Eladrin pariah who Aponym was quite sure wouldn’t help them out, but there was a Lord Kelevan, who Araksis was quite sure would be willing to help them. Sure enough the bon vivant Lord Kelevan was in the tap room whooping it up with the rest of the locals, he motioned them back to the room for a consultation. After a brief discussion he said he’d try and find the picture they were looking for. Several hours later he returned with a proper book and Aponym made a copy. It also depicted the room where it was located, the main ruby hall, and if it was still there this should put them right smack in the thick of things.

In exchange for the information he asked that they write a 10,000 GP note of credit for him to give to his halfling friend who would provision their ship, since it was probably quite damaged after the dragon attack. Each member kicked in 2500 gp from his pocket, and the deed was done.

Such business being done they began rearming and remagicking themselves with Aponym running the ritual machine full tilt and enchanting all sorts of goodies.



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