Sterling Adventure Company

Sessions 50, 51 and 52

The battle was epic and devastating. A Dragon, a Host of Demons, and the SSAC, all vying for dominance. When Aurgloroasa realized her end was near she turned and leapt through the gate, expecting to die, but hopiong to maybe find some allies on the other side. Kharn-Dzul followed her with his minions and they all disappeared through the gate. They had been too proccupied to notice the Legion Devils that had slowly been appearing around the gate. The gate had been realigned with the nine hells! They surely met their dooms. The party discussed for a moment if they should leave the gate, as Thunderholme was surely saved; their work here was done.

At this point Thunefir spoke and said that as a cleric he could not allow an open gate to the nine planes remain undestroyed, to vomit its filth into the dreams of innocent souls as they slept. It was with firm reslove the party decided to destroy the gate.

A legion devil appeared,looked around, and realizing he was about to die, smiled menacingly and said, “He’s coming…”



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