Sterling Adventure Company

session 53

Events turned again as with Kharn-Dzul’s demise the spell was broken and the gate was realigned with the abyss and foul things began seeping through. Having none of this the party fought desperately to destroy the gate and ultimately it was destroyed with the party fleeing ahead of the crumbling gate.

Back at Coyote’s Refuge all was thrown into confusion as the inhabitants were thrilled to be delivered from the impending doom, but now all the power structures had shifted and there was no sure winner.

The party went back to the ship and with Windy and his crew completed the last of the repairs. They sailed back to Thunderholme where they were welcomed and honored as the true heroes they were. Bearn took his place on the throne with his spiritual advisor Thunefir ever at his side. The last warrens of and corners of thunderholme were cleansed by the dwarves and a brisk trade was established with House Sterling. Lord Sterling and Aponym cemented their friendship and alliance with the Elves and House Sterling. Aponym returned to his wife, his wandering and adventuring days behind him. Nemanock established a major warlock academy and took his seat as the Head of House Azul. His mother was found, still alive, and freed.

One more mote of light was reestablished in a dark world…



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