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On the way to the Dreamscape session 44

The party continued on to their destination, the Dreamscape, with the aid of the Githyanki lodestone. as they approached the dreamscape they saw a crippled ship which they approached with caution. As they began to draw near they felt a bump from under the ship and suddenly grappling hooks appeared on the gunwales. Suddenly they were swarmed by Githyanki and Windy dove below as more Githyanki teleported in down below.

The Githyanki had come with a little more strength this time and the fight was a little worrisome, but Aponyms ability to nerf the psychic damage really hampered them and during one part of the fight everybody’s dailies went off and hit with great effect almost one-shotting the Githyanki. It is unlikely the Githyanki will pursue them any longer as it just seems to mean they give away more silver swords.

The party recovered some nice heacy armor and five astral diamonds worth 10,000 gp each. Also, Windy and the halflings had dispathed eight more githyanki below deck and had recovered eight silver rapiers.

The damaged ship turned out to have been only a ruse and had disappeared soon after the fight started. They continued on through the mist of the dreamscape and eventually came into a barren scrubland with a tent city off in the distance and a larger walled city behind that. Winday and Aponym determined that within the walled city was where the phylactery was kept.

The party decided to check out the tent city first.


Yes, they’ll have to call out their Githyanki Red Dragon Knights if they don’t want to lose more guys.


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