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Githyanki reclamation project 42

Back at the boat the party rested and Aponym reduced the githyanki swords down to their base residuum. All except one sword that was too high a level for him, and that one they decided to throw into a lava pool.

On the way to the pool they were confronted by a githyanki retrieval party and after a bit of parly the negotiations broke down, basically over the fate of the swords they reduced to residuum. At the outset of melee Aponym cast mass resistance to psychic damage and that one move essentially unhanded the githyanki who fled not soon after realizing what had happened. Their tough tough Githyanki sword recoverer didn’t make it, as he was assaulted by the entire party as the Githyanki tried to disengage.

upon returning to the ship the party was able to ligt off and reenter the astral sea. That evening Thunefir performed the dream ritual and they began their first dreamscape adventure.


We stomped the Githyanki thanks for Aponym’s mass resistance. We were nearly immune to everything they threw at us.

And when they turned their backs on us to flee, we caught the leader from behind and smote him.

We embedded his sword in his torso which we hope leaves them with a non-too-subtle warning of what happens when they mess with us.

I mean, heck, we already dispatched an entire ship of Githyanki so you’d think they’d pick up on the hint: Don’t mess with these guys.

Githyanki reclamation project 42

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