Sterling Adventure Company

Demon's run Session 48

The Sterling Adventure Company took stock of their situation. They had just killed an adult red dragon and the flensing crew from Coyote’s Refuge was busy harvesting bits of the great wyrm. Then they heard it. The horrible moans and wails. Something very wicked was closing in on them. The hoswls and screams echoed through the vast expanse of the city. They realized that being in the center of a vast open area was not to their benefit so they started moving towards the peeling ululations of the damned. They didn’t have to wait too long, for no sooner had they entered on the main street when the demons appeared. Four great ape-like horrors with huge fangs, deadly claws, and a palpable fury. Undaunted, Bearn charged ahead and met the first three head on. The battle quickly turned into a roiling and churning mealstrom of howling, seething, screaming noise and billowing poisonous vapors. And then the thing, the leader, howled, it hollowed like hell, and even the dwarves were knocked back and to the ground. The Stirling Silver Adventure Company was not a concern so easily intimidated however, and they rallied back with renewed fury as Nemanock and Aponym found their synergistic groove. Thunefir stood all of Dwarven kind proud as he delivered his allies from their many grievous wounds and layed the killing blows on two of the demons. In the end the only Demon remaining was the Rageborn horror itself and Bearn layed it low with a mighty stroke.

The party regrouped around the Dragon Wagon and when the flensing was finished they escorted the wagon back to town with its very valuable cargo (later to be determined to be worth 112,000 GP!) and greatly magnified respect and awe in Coyote’s Refuge. They were to be pressed on all sides by the local powers that be to join them in their pet projects, and for aid in seeing their various dreams come to fruition. But they knew they still had to find Kharn-Dzul and recover the phylactery.



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